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Acne Scars Specialist

Adult and Pediatric Dermatology

Medical Dermatology & Cosmetic Dermatology located in Forest Hills, NY

If you’re prone to acne and have the scars to prove it, know that clear, healthier-looking skin is within reach at Adult and Pediatric Dermatology in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens, New York. The skilled team of dermatologists offers several treatments that target acne scars. These treatments smooth and improve the overall appearance of your skin. Call the office today to schedule an appointment or book one online.

Acne Scars Q & Q

What are acne scars?

Acne scars appear as red or skin-colored raised or indented tissue after your skin heals from acne. Acne develops because of genetics, hormone changes, stress, lax hygiene, some cosmetic products, medications, and other factors.

Treatment by the Adult and Pediatric Dermatology team can clear up troublesome acne and reduce acne scarring to improve your skin’s color and texture. The treatments result in skin that is smoother, even-toned, and younger-looking without surgery, pain, or downtime.

Which acne scar treatments are available?

The many acne scar treatments available include:

Home care

Applying medicated creams to acne scars helps clear up your skin. Adult and Pediatric Dermatology providers let you know which acne creams are best for your needs.

Steroid injections

Injecting steroids into raised scars can reduce them and improve your skin’s overall appearance.

Fillers and Botox®

Placing cosmetic injectables into targeted areas of your skin can make it smoother. Dermal fillers reduce the indented skin caused by acne scars. Botox injections also improve the appearance of acne-scarred skin by relaxing the surrounding tissues.


Dermabrasion is a procedure your dermatologist uses to remove the outer skin cell layers. This resurfaces the skin, removes minor acne scars, and diminishes larger acne scars.

Chemical peels

Chemical solutions remove the outer skin cell layers and stimulate cell regeneration, reducing the appearance of acne scars.


Microneedling uses very fine needles to stimulate collagen production and minimize the appearance of acne scars without surgery or downtime.

Laser and radiofrequency treatments

Laser and radiofrequency treatments also reduce scarring without pain, needles, or downtime. Repeat treatments spaced over several weeks or months can maximize your results.

Which acne scar treatments are best for me?

The best choice for treating acne scars depends on your skin type, preferences, the severity of your scarring, and your desired outcome. The Adult and Pediatric Dermatology team personalizes scar treatments to give you the clearer, smoother, healthier-looking skin you seek.

Don’t live with noticeable acne scars when simple treatments can dramatically improve their appearance. Call the Adult and Pediatric Dermatology office today to schedule a consultation or book your appointment online.