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If you have a double chin, love handles, or other problem areas that don’t slim down despite diet and exercise, CoolSculpting® can solve the problem. At Adult and Pediatric Dermatology in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens, New York, the team uses CoolSculpting to eliminate your stubborn fat safely and permanently. If you’re ready to get the shapely, contoured body you dream about, call the office today or book an appointment online.

CoolSculpting Q & A

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a body contouring treatment that eliminates areas of fat that persist despite your best efforts to slim down. This innovative treatment works by freezing fat cells. The frozen cells break down naturally, and your body removes them as waste. That means the treated fat is permanently eliminated.

The cold temperature produced by the CoolSculpting device affects only your fat cells. Fat cells are highly sensitive to the cold, more so than your skin and its supporting structures. CoolSculpting lowers the temperature just enough to freeze the fat without harming other tissues.

What body areas does CoolSculpting treat?

CoolSculpting works well to reduce small fat pockets and eliminate those few stubborn pounds. But it doesn’t help you lose a significant amount of weight. For this reason, the best candidates for CoolSculpting are at or near their healthy body weight.

CoolSculpting gets rid of fat from:

  • Under your chin (double chin)
  • Jawline
  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Upper arms
  • Upper back
  • Thighs
  • General back area
  • Under your buttocks

Your provider uses different CoolSculpting applicators designed to fit specific areas of your body.

What happens during CoolSculpting?

Your provider places a gel pad on the targeted area and then puts the CoolSculpting applicator over the pad. When the applicator is in place, they turn on the device, and your treatment begins.

At first, you might feel a sucking sensation followed by mild pulling and intense cold. As the temperature drops, you can feel stinging, tingling, or aching. These sensations quickly go away as the cold temperature numbs the tissues.

You need to relax for about 35 minutes while the device freezes the fat cells. After your provider removes the applicator, they massage the treated areas. As soon as they finish, you can go back to your usual daily activities.

After a CoolSculpting treatment, you might notice some temporary side effects. Many people experience slight swelling, redness, tenderness, and bruising.

When will I see the results?

Your fat cells gradually break down, and then it takes some time for your body to clear away the debris. You should notice the difference in three weeks, with dramatic results visible two months after your treatment.

Your body keeps removing the treated fat cells for up to six months. As a result, you can continue to see improvement in your body shape during that time.

You might need just one treatment to achieve your desired results, depending on the amount of fat you want to eliminate. However, some people need several CoolSculpting sessions to reach their goals.

If you’re tired of trying to lose bulging pockets of fat, call Adult and Pediatric Dermatology or book an appointment online today.

*Individual results may vary.

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