Why Is Belly Fat More Difficult to Lose?

Why Is Belly Fat More Difficult to Lose?

Having a tubby tummy isn’t just bad for your self-confidence, but excess belly fat can be bad for your health, too. In fact, belly fat has been linked with a host of serious medical problems, including increased risks of type 2 diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, depression, and heart attack.

The problem is, that while fat in other areas of your body can often be reduced with diet and exercise, belly fat doesn’t go away so easily. In fact, many of us need some assistance that only a doctor can provide.

At Adult and Pediatric Dermatology of Forest Hills in Queens, New York, Michael Paltiel, MDJohn A. Perrotti, MDZina Goldvekht, PA-C, and Aleksey Babakhanov, FNP, use a patient-centered approach to care, tailoring every treatment plan to your unique needs. If you’re struggling with a stubborn belly pooch, here’s how our team can help.

The battle of the bulge

One reason belly fat is so hard to lose is that it’s considered an “active fat.” Unlike some fatty tissue that simply sits “dormant,” belly fat releases hormones that can have an impact on your health — and your ability to lose weight, especially in the waist and abdomen areas. In fact, hormones and belly fat are so intertwined that some researchers suggest that the fat acts like an “extra organ” or gland.

As a result, losing belly fat often takes hard work, especially if you’re in your 40s or older. That’s because your hormones and your belly fat affect each other, and as your hormone levels change during middle age, fat around your midsection tends to accumulate faster than it does in other areas.

Other than age, other factors also contribute to stubborn belly fat.


Limiting fatty or sweet foods isn’t the only thing you need to do to drop belly weight. You need exercise, too. Many of us lead inactive lifestyles, which means we don’t burn as many calories as we consume. To drop those stubborn belly pounds, you need to add physical activity into your daily routine. (Bonus: It’ll help you in lots of other ways, too.)

Poor dietary habits

Most Americans love sugary, fatty, and carbohydrate-rich foods. Unfortunately, belly fat “loves” them, too. Drinking alcohol is another common cause of excess and difficult-to-lose belly fat.

Stress levels

Stress causes the release of hormones that cause your body to store up more fat, possibly because of our built-in survival mode. When we feel stressed, our body switches from burning energy to storing it up so we can use it later. In fact, stress is such a common cause of belly fat build-up, that it’s earned a nickname: stress belly.

Genetic factors

You have some control over your diet, your level of activity, and even your stress. But when it comes to that tubby tummy, there’s one factor you can’t control: genetics. Unfortunately, some of us are simply genetically inclined to have more fatty tissue and to carry that fat around our midsection.

Getting rid of stubborn belly fat

Of course, diet and exercise are still essential for maintaining a healthy weight, but if it’s a slim tummy you’re after, you may need a little extra help. Dr. Michael Paltiel of Adult and Pediatric Dermatology and his colleagues offer two options to help eliminate resistant belly fat: CoolSculpting® and EmSculpt®.

CoolSculpting and EmSculpt both use noninvasive energy to penetrate your skin without incisions or surgery. But the energy they use is different, and so are the goals and results.


CoolSculpting uses “freezing” energy to break down fat cell walls. Over the following few weeks, your body carries off the fatty debris, revealing slimmer contours.


EmSculpt uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate the muscles in your abdomen area, causing multiple contractions that help tone your muscles. In fact, just one EmSculpt session is equivalent to doing thousands of crunches or squats. 

Enjoy a slimmer tummy

If you’re discouraged by less-than-successful attempts at slimming down your belly area, CoolSculpting and EmSculpt could be just what you’re looking for to give you a more toned, fit physique. To learn more, call 315-860-1185 or book an appointment online with Zina Goldvekht of Adult and Pediatric Dermatology or another member of our skilled team today.

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