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When you look in the mirror and find laugh lines that don’t amuse you and droopy, hollow cheeks that remind you of ol’ Mrs. What’s-Her-Name down the street, you can quickly turn back the calendar and restore a more youthful appearance with dermal fillers. At Adult and Pediatric Dermatology in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens, New York, the experienced team uses several dermal fillers to smooth away wrinkles and improve the volume of your lips and cheeks. If you’re ready to fight the signs of aging, call the office today or book an appointment online. 

Fillers Q & A

What are fillers?

Fillers, also called dermal fillers, diminish the signs of aging by injecting safe substances that plump up wrinkles, enlarge thin lips, and lift your cheeks.

Though there are different fillers, many contain hyaluronic acid as their primary ingredient. Your skin naturally produces hyaluronic acid, where it retains moisture, hydrating your skin.

What fillers are available?

Adult and Pediatric Dermatology offer several kinds of fillers, which allows them to customize your treatment to meet your unique cosmetic needs. Examples include:


Juvéderm is a family of products from Allergan Holdings France SAS. All Juvéderm products contain hyaluronic acid in a gel base. The company produces the gel in different consistencies to target specific cosmetic problems. Your provider uses Juvéderm to:

  • Diminish wrinkles and folds around your mouth
  • Treat marionette lines (running from the corners of your mouth down either side of your chin)
  • Eliminate small lines above your lips
  • Lift and restore volume in your cheeks
  • Enhance your lips

These treatments last 1-2 years, depending on the product used and the area treated.


Restylane, from Galderma Laboratories LP, also includes a group of fillers that treat the same problems as Juvéderm. The company also produces a product that adds volume to the back of your hands.

However, Restylane products contain differently sized particles to achieve the volume desired for the targeted problem. For example, they have small particles to plump up those fine lines and larger particles for deep wrinkles.


Bellafill is a type of filler that contains small polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres in a gel base. The filler works by stimulating collagen production, and over time, it reduces your smile lines and acne scars.

Treatments with Bellafill can give you smooth skin and a youthful appearance for up to 5 years, depending on the area treated and your skin health.

What should I expect during treatment with fillers?

During your first appointment, your provider examines your skin and learns about your cosmetic expectations. After determining that a filler is your best treatment and deciding which filler to use, they give you all the details about what to expect during your treatment.

After applying a topical anesthetic, your provider injects the filler. The size of the area being treated will determine how many injections you receive. You could have temporary redness afterward, but it doesn’t last long, and you can go back to your daily schedule as soon as you leave the office.

When will I see the results of my filler treatments?

Fillers represent one of the few cosmetic treatments that give you immediate results. As soon as your provider injects your filler, you can see the difference, despite any temporary redness.

Almost all fillers gradually fade away as your body naturally absorbs the hyaluronic acid. But you can have another treatment to maintain your new appearance.

Call Adult and Pediatric Dermatology today or book an appointment online if you’re ready to do away with wrinkles.

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